Paint Kit Instructions

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Paint Party Instructions


A few tips to paint this project. 

  • Take all the pieces off the round and lay flat on a protected surface.
  • Give each piece of your sign (not the backer unless it has some little marks on it) a gentle quick sand, make sure your piece is flat while sanding and go in one direction. Pieces are fragile so make sure to not bend them. 
  • Stain your back piece first. Dip your paper towel into your stain, apply it evenly to your board following the grain pattern. Go in one direction to avoid streaks and marks. Wipe off any excess stain. 
  • For the small parts you'll want to use the makeup sponge to paint them. Dab lightly in paint and then dab off most of the paint back onto your plate before you put it on the wood. Dab it up and down all over the pieces lightly. 
  • Allow the first coat to dry. Sand with blue paper provided. Apply the second and third coat as necessary sanding in between. 
  • For the large pieces use the foam brush or baby wipes (not included). For the baby wipe method, put your fingers in the baby wipe dip in paint and then rub it on, going in one direction. This will give you a light watered down look, however once you apply a second or third coat it will look perfect. If using foam brush do light coats not thick coats. Allow to dry, sand, and add another coat. 
  • Once all the pieces are dry it is time to attach them. All pieces have double sided tape on the back. Make sure to gently pull off the tape on the back because the large pieces are fragile. Peel the back off, place where you would like and apply light pressure for a few seconds. Once all pieces are attached I suggest using a large book of something else flat and heavy to clamp the pieces down for a few hours.
  • If hanging your sign outside in a spot that could get wet please seal it with a clear outdoor sealer. Inside signs do not require sealing.